The new system was developed to provide intra-operative precision 3D navigation for surgical procedures of thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic soft-organs.

Part of the IQQA platform and product suite, the new system expands the IQQA precision 3D imaging analytics into the operating room.

EDDA Technology president and CEO Dr Jianzhong Qian said: "With the latest FDA clearance, the IQQA platform now covers pre-operative planning, intra-operative navigation and monitoring, and post-operative assessment to complete the full cycle of imaging-guided precision treatment.

"Powered by our precision 3D capabilities, IQQA-Guide may help facilitate the next generation of minimally invasive and robotic treatments in precision medicine."

IQQA anatomic models, which are extracted from multi-modality images, are used for on-the-fly 3D navigation to enable physicians to see organ surfaces and quantitatively referencing anatomies of interest in 3D during surgery.

With treatment planning and follow-up assessment features, the firm’s IQQA-BodyImaging is already using for liver, kidney, and lung cancers.

The company will showcase the IQQA platform and product suite and cloud-based service at RSNA 2015 in Chicago, US, which will be held from 29 November to 4 December.

EDDA Technology is involved in developing next generation computer-assisted solutions that will help in early detection and diagnosis, as well as in treatment planning, guidance, monitoring and follow-up.

Image: EDDA’s new intra-operative precision 3D navigation, IQQA-Guide. Photo: courtesy of EDDA Technology, Inc.