Intelligent medical tools provider EchoNous has released AI Station, a new docking system especially designed for emerging nursing tools.


Image: EchoNous has developed AI Station to provide convenience for nurses and reduce costs for health systems. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

The AI station intends to raise convenience for nurses and lower costs for health systems.

The expandable platform integrates EchoNous’ existing intelligent tools, the Uscan bladder scanner and recently released EchoNous Vein, as well as devices currently in development.

The tools will use emerging artificial intelligence methods and the firm’s miniaturized ultrasound platform to solve everyday problems in healthcare.

EchoNous has commissioned Nike’s former global footwear creative director and product innovation director Dave Schenone to design the new AI Station.

By taking inputs from nurses and biomedical engineers, the company has developed the new AI Station.

EchoNous has developed narrow lateral design to better adjust in tight spaces, and is also provided with a lower base height to fit underneath a hospital bed.

The new design of the system enables the entire cart to be closer to the patient and probe cords docked in an inner channel to prevent snagging and tripping.

EchoNous said its selected AI Station materials with an aim to optimize durability and cleanability.

Featured materials comprised of chemically-resistant anodized aluminum and Tritan plastic for durability and stainless steel for high resistance to chemicals.

EchoNous COO Niko Pagoulatos said: “Everything from colors, to selection of materials, to the most minute of daily functions were reconsidered from a blank sheet of paper and through a fresh set of eyes.

“Quite importantly we have integrated a ‘flexible electronic hub’ into the AI Station, aimed at both current and newly emerging AI functionality tasks.”

Based in Seattle of Washington, EchoNous is a KKR portfolio and parent company of Signostics.

EchoNous is involved in the development of intelligent medical tools to help healthcare professionals eliminate common problems in healthcare.

The company applies a layer of artificial intelligence to extreme miniaturized ultrasound to offer nurses, doctors and clinicians with advanced tools.