The Symphony tCGM System, a non-invasive, wireless glucose monitoring system, has the potential to help plan diabetes treatment, guide day-to-day choices about diet, exercise and insulin use, and avoid unwanted low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) events.

The study will enroll healthy volunteer subjects and will compare data obtained from its tCGM System with both the YSI 2300 STAT Plus Glucose Analyzer and an available glucometer.

The study will collect more than 900 data pairs to be used in the analyses by taking frequent reference glucose measurements for 24 hours.

The study data will be blinded to study subjects and study personnel and a comparison of the data relative to the blood glucose values will determine the accuracy of Symphony.

Echo Therapeutics chairman and CEO Patrick Mooney said initiating the clinical study of this next generation Symphony System is an important milestone for Echo that represents the steady execution of their objectives in pursuit of FDA approval.