EarlySense Ltd. (EarlySense), a patient monitoring devices company, has collaborated with Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) to test Everon in the hospital setting. CHW and EarlySense also announced that California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles will be the first CHW clinical site to trial EverOn. Select hospitals within the 41-hospital CHW system are slated to evaluate the impact of EverOn both clinically and financially to determine whether and how best to implement the technology.

Based on evaluation outcomes, certain CHW facilities may elect to be training centers for the EverOn system.

“We are combining the strengths of a leading hospital system with those of a medical device innovator to facilitate the introduction of EverOn in the U.S. We believe this structure has great value as it will ultimately provide both clinical and financial benefits,” said Yehuda Zicherman, vice president of marketing at EarlySense.

Mark Meyers, president of California Hospital Medical Center, said, “There is a clear, present and immediate need for an innovative, high tech system that can automatically, and without imposing upon patient comfort, track movement and vital signs and warn of possible life threatening situations. We are pleased to be evaluating the EverOn system to determine how it can help us in our ongoing work of delivering excellent, compassionate care.”

“We are delighted and honored to partner with CHW, a well respected and notable hospital network, and its experienced and professional team at California Hospital Medical Center. We hope to together achieve the goal of improving healthcare and securing better outcomes for patients and their caregivers,” said Avner Halperin, chief executive officer of EarlySense.