EarlySense, a developer of signal-processing technology, is set to unveil its contact-free patient monitoring system.

The monitoring system records and documents the cardiac, respiratory, and motion parameters and this information can be communicated to the patient’s hospital record through the standards based EMR interface.

Nurses are informed of patient status changes, via a wired or wireless, communication system, on the patient’s bed side monitor, at the nurse’s station, on their handheld devices and on a large screen display mounted in a prominent spot on the wall in the department.

The company said timely alerts of patient deterioration help make hospital rapid response teams effective.

EarlySense CEO Avner Halperin said the system automatically and continuously monitors a patient’s vital signs and movement, using a contact-free sensor that is placed under the mattress.

"We look forward to demonstrating how the technology proactively detects patient deterioration, communicates it in real time and facilitates sophisticated care management," Halperin said.