DWFritz Automation, a provider of high-precision automation solutions for advanced manufacturing, today announced that it has released the first seal inspection system to automate the inspection of class II and III medical device and supply packages.

The Automated Seal Inspection system (ASI) verifies the integrity of sterile package seals while simultaneously reducing manual inspection costs. ASI is designed to detect hair, foreign particles, voids, weaknesses, and other defects.

Mike Fritz, president and CEO of DWFritz Automation said: "Until now, the package seals of sterile medical devices and supplies were being visually inspected by humans, resulting in a high margin of error.

“We designed and built the Automated Seal Inspection system to inspect one hundred percent of the packages on a manufacturing line, thereby helping to ensure that sterile products remain sterile throughout the supply chain. Automating the inspection process allows medical manufacturers to reduce variability with great confidence."

ASI inspects all sides of the seal by drawing in the packages on an automated conveyor and picking them up with a specially designed vacuum chuck that can pick up even porous packages.

ASI scans the packages over several rows of extremely high resolution cameras using a highly specialized lighting technique called disruptive total internal reflection. Defects down to less than 50 microns can be seen. This is less than the width of a single human hair.

In addition to inspecting the seals of medical devices and supplies, DWFritz creates brilliant solutions for many other industries and manufacturers.

The Company is actively recruiting talented engineers, manufacturing technicians, project managers, and other professionals to satisfy the continuing complexity of its projects.