The six new agreements allow DSM Biomedical to work in conjunction with medical device manufacturers throughout the various phases of development, prototyping, manufacturing and processing of product commercialisation to collectively create products that serve the medical community and their patients.

The medical device companies will be in a position to leverage the track record of DSM Biomedical’s advanced biomedical materials, including Bionate PCU, CarboSil TSPCU and ComfortCoat medical coatings in applications such as total disk replacement, spinal stabilization, continuous glucose monitoring, cardiac rhythm management, neurostimulation, catheters and heart assist devices.

DSM PTG Global Marketing and Sales vice president Rob Evans said that DSM Biomedical’s business model has proven to be very successful as evidenced by the expansion of the number of licensees and our collaborative relationships with medical device manufacturers looking to accelerate their commercialization efforts.

“What DSM Biomedical brings to the table is reputation and a successful track record which translates into speed to market. No biomedical materials company has the experience and breadth of portfolio that DSM Biomedical offers,” Evans said.