DSM has extended license to supply its proprietary CarboSil Thermoplastic Silicone-Polycarbonate-urethane (TSPCU) material for use in AxioMed Spine's Freedom lumbar and cervical discs.

The material, which is an advanced copolymer, features load bearing qualities which help to secure the total disc replacement device in place as it flexes with the natural movement of the spine.

The CarboSil TSPCU also combines the biocompatibility and biostability of conventional silicone elastomers with the processability and toughness of thermoplastic polycarbonate-urethanes.

In addition, the material can improve in vitro and in vivo stability and helps prevent oxidative degradation, which can lead to improved patient results and longer lasting implants.

DSM Biomedical orthopedics business development director William Fuller said spinal fusion has been the standard of care for degenerative disc treatment, but recently payer groups and insurance companies have begun lowering reimbursements for fusion procedures and questioning its cost and applications to certain patient groups.

"This creates an opportunity to highlight the benefits of total disc replacements and DSM material technology as AxioMed’s Freedom Lumbar Disc undergoes clinical trials in the United States," Fuller added.