The presenting start ups were selected from thousands of applicants to come to Philadelphia for a four month program during which they worked vigorously to improve and de-risk their companies with the benefits of mentorship from local Philadelphia business leaders and others in the space and advice from potential customers.

Dreamit CEO Avi Savar said, "These extraordinary companies are tackling the real challenges that face doctors, patients, and stakeholders across the industry every day. Whether it’s a smart mouthguard that helps identify concussions in athletes or a new platform that supports patients in building long-lasting self-management habits using clinically validated personalized mobile solutions, Dreamit Health companies are building cutting edge products and creating new benchmarks for how people receive and manage their own care.

"Through access to our network we’re proud to have helped these start ups achieve real business velocity on their way to becoming profitable and ultimately world-changing enterprises."

"We believe supporting high-potential young companies is critical to bringing the transformation of health care that we passionately believe needs to happen," said Daniel J. Hilferty, president and CEO of Independence Blue Cross.

"This year’s select group of companies offers new opportunities in the rapid evolution of health care delivery in Philadelphia and beyond," Ralph W. Muller, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, adds. "Penn Medicine joins the rest of the Philadelphia community in eagerly awaiting the ripple effects of their discoveries as we collaborate with our partners in advancing patient care and improving the health of those we serve."

The Dreamit Health 2015 participating companies are:

CareCierge – A platform which provides clarity, direction, and assistance to busy professionals caring for their parents as they age. Met with over 70 caregivers who have confirmed they will purchase.

dbaza health – Clinically validated patient onboarding platform for managing and reducing the costs of chronic diseases like diabetes. At revenue and already used by over 400,000 patients.

Diagnostic Driving – Combining a simulation-based driving risk assessment with customized interventions to reduce crashes, starting with the over 50% of US F100 companies experiencing more than 10 crashes per day. Team includes global authorities in driver safety and prior creative director for the Virgin Galactic simulator. Trial with one F100 company.

GraphWear Technologies – The first graphene-based dehydration, glucose, and lactic acid monitor, all from your sweat. Graphene sensor is non-invasive, wearable and pairs to a smartphone. Dehydration pilots in progress and proof of concept for glucose detection is complete. Ongoing discussions with Microsoft, Samsung, Jawbone, and HP Wearables.

Gray Matter Technologies – Smart mouthguard helps athletes, coaches, and trainers better identify athletes at risk of concussion as well as providing additional athlete performance data. Proofs of concept complete (mouthguard and apps). Positive feedback from athletic trainers and coaches at 6 top colleges and over 10 private & public schools.

Neutun Labs – Software that tracks chronic and acute health conditions with existing wearables and mobile devices, beginning with epilepsy and scaling to adjacent markets. Value prop to patients, care providers, clinicians, and pharma. 3 planned pilot projects, on-boarding 20k new users.

Oncora Medical – Enabling data-driven, personalized radiation oncology to improve cancer center efficiency while reducing the incidence of toxic radiation side effects. Collaborations at 3 major US cancer centers, paid pilots launching in Q4 2015, and pipeline of over a dozen US hospitals.

VisExcell – A personalized breast cancer risk platform for radiologists and their patients, applying machine learning and advanced computer vision to deliver novel and powerful risk models and automate physician annotation. Concept validated with 6 medical institutions representing more than 200k annual mammograms.

Following Demo Day in Philadelphia, Dreamit will take its companies on the road for a series of investor meetings in Boston and San Francisco.