Sleep apnea and snoring, disorders that disturbs millions worldwide, can be debilitating: sleep interruptions multiple times an hour, constant fatigue, embarrassing snoring, weight gain, low libido, and depression are just some of their effects. Additionally, these disorders can be a serious health concern for the sufferer’s bed partner. People who share beds and sleeping areas with snorers can experience loss of sleep, irritability, and a diminished quality of life, as well as negative relationship effects.

Sleep apnea and excessive snoring often are caused by the tongue falling back into the throat, thus blocking air and forcing the sleeper to wake up and adjust his or her position. This can occur multiple times every hour and render restful sleep impossible. If a person can somehow close his or her mouth while sleeping, however, then the tongue won’t fall back and sleep may not be disturbed.

The SnoreSling solves this dilemma with an adjustable strap that wraps underneath a person’s jaw and over the head. With its comfortable, lightweight, and breathable fabric, the SnoreSling distributes tension evenly across the head and alleviates pressure points. As a result, the jaw stays closed, the tongue does not fall back, airways are more open, and sleep can occur without disturbances. It is a simple, low-cost, and non-surgical solution to a debilitating problem.

The unique design of the SnoreSling features three flexible adjustment points, machine-washable soft fabric, and cutouts for the ears to comfortably accommodate almost anyone. Additionally, the SnoreSling is snug and non-intrusive – wearers can fall asleep and not even know they are wearing it.

The inventor of the SnoreSling, Scott Hardy, suffered from extreme sleep apnea for most of his life. As he battled through all of the associated conditions and symptoms, he sought every conceivable treatment from dental appliances and humidifiers to breathing strips and throat sprays. But after exhausting nearly every option, his disorder persisted.

Then, after having surgery in 2007 to cure his extreme sleep apnea, Scott had the insight and inspiration to create the SnoreSling. “I just wanted to develop a simple, comfortable remedy to a condition that almost ruined my life,” says Scott. “Sleep is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Now with the SnoreSling, sleep apnea and snoring sufferers, as well as their bed partners, can consistently enjoy a good night’s sleep,” he added.