Global urology firm Dornier MedTech has introduced new Axis single-use digital flexible ureteroscope and stone management products in the US.

AXIS Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

Image: Dornier’s new AXIS Single-Use Flexible Digital Ureteroscope. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto / Dornier MedTech.

Dornier has developed Axis to solve the ongoing concern of cross-contamination between patients in the operating room by providing a clean and sterile ureteroscope.

Axis ureteroscope is said to provide better image quality and clear visualization for urologists, as they carry out flexible ureteroscopy.

The urologists can use the new ureteroscope in conjunction with the thousands of installed Dornier Holmium laser systems and laser fibers.

Dornier MedTech chief operating officer and Dornier MedTech America general manager Brock Faulkner said: “We are excited to leverage 40 years of urology experience to bring meaningful full stone solutions to our customers. In response to the growth in stone disease incidence, we have constantly expanded and advanced our Dornier product portfolio, leading to the growth in number of procedures.

“We continue to bring full stone solutions to the operating room that are innovative, high quality, best in class and are focused on reducing costs.”

The company will showcase the new Axis single-use digital flexible ureteroscope and stone management products at the upcoming 2019 American Urology Association Meeting in Chicago, which will take place between 3 and 5 May.

Dornier will also exhibit its full line of stone management products, including ureteral stents, guidewires, stone baskets, dilatation balloon catheters and holmium laser fibers, at the event.

In March this year, Dornier MedTech announced the introduction of new OptiVision next-generation digital image processing technology for digital radiography.

Dornier OptiVision has been developed to deliver sharp image details and comfortable reading, specifically in the field of stone treatment and endourology.

The company’s product portfolio is comprised of ESWL system, the Dornier Delta III and Solvo Holmium laser systems.

Dornier MedTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advanced MedTech Holdings, is a medical device firm that involved in the development of products and solutions for urological applications.

Based in Munich of Germany, the company is a major provider of lithotripsy, as well as a variety of surgical lasers.