With the success in detection of certain viruses that cause Dengue fever

Diagnostic Nano Technology (DNA), a subsidiary of Avisio, has reported that with the early laboratory success of its Instant Detect Technology in the detection of certain viruses that cause Dengue Fever. It is planing to begin testing the technology on the detection of the H1N1 virus.

The company said that it is planing to create a new majority-owned private subsidiary around each asset and to support each business with experienced management teams, best-of-breed commercialisation processes and resources, and access to global capital sources.

Amro Albanna, CEO of DNA and Avisio, said: “Ongoing testing of this type is a necessary component in the process of selecting DNA’s initial human application development projects. We are cautiously optimistic about the market opportunity that exists for DNA’s Instant Detect product, especially with regard to potential human applications.

“We realize that we are early in the process and still have a number of milestones to reach, including but not limited to further proof of concept, the ability to produce product at scale, third-party validation and regulatory approvals, before we can begin to market a product.”