Dilon Diagnostics, a molecular breast imaging company, is set to introduce its FDA-cleared Dilon 6800 Acella Gamma Camera system.

The company’s Dilon 6800 standard field-of-view imaging system is equipped with new camera which features a much larger MBI detector.

MBI, also referred to as Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI), is a functional imaging technique increasingly being used in the diagnostic workup of patients with indeterminate mammograms, particularly for those with dense breasts.

MBI, which utilizes radiotracer uptake to detect the increased metabolic activity of breast lesions and therefore, is not affected by breast density.

Both the Dilon 6800 and Acella systems provide the high photon sensitivity needed to perform low dose MBI/BSGI studies.

Dilon’s GammaLoc System is used for gamma-guided breast biopsy.

Dilon Diagnostics chairman and CEO Robert Moussa said with the increasing need to better serve a diversifying population of women, they feel to provide additional solutions to help facilities reduce tiling, examination times and to optimize their workflow.