The VER connects physicians with patients anytime, anywhere. Like an actual exam room, the VER is completely private, uses clinically accurate medical devices while providing patients with secure, real-time access to their physicians.

Patients can use the VER to see a physician, share real-time vital signs, cardiopulmonary data and medical images. Managing patient populations through expediting clinical decision making, extending access to quality care and preserving the physician/patient relationship is paramount today.

Patients can easily create their personal exam rooms using the FDA-cleared, IDM100 integrated medical tablet, and physicians enter the VER using the Care Central web interface from their laptop or tablet. The VER establishes the physician-to-patient videoconferencing session while securely sharing real-time vital signs and cardiopulmonary data. The result is the same quality and security as a medical office exam, enabling "Clinical Care Anytime, Anywhere."

"Few patients require the level of continual, sophisticated monitoring that cardiac patients require," said Susan Eisenberg, MD, Medical Director of the Cardiac Rhythm Center at John Muir Health in Walnut Creek, Calif.

"Dictum Health’s innovative Virtual Exam Room delivers not only the highest level remote monitoring of our cardiac patients, but enables me as their cardiologist to be present with them in a way that wasn’t previously possible. That’s a critical element in patient centric care."

"The Virtual Exam Room addresses the need for a highly mobile, patient centric model of care that reaches large populations in a way that the old brick and mortar, provider centric model cannot," said Elizabeth Keate, Dictum Health’s Vice President of Product Management.

"What makes the VER stand out is its ability to deliver the same clinical quality as an acute care setting or physician office to patients at a remote location or in their home. This highly secure, portable, telehealth system reinforces the physician/patient relationship in a population health world."