DICOM Grid, a provider of a cloud-based platform for medical imaging management, has launched ImageCare, a secure, scalable cloud computing platform that makes searching, sharing and exchanging medical images easy.

ImageCare delivers an advanced, web-based application that allows image sharing along with long-term archiving at disruptive pricing, DICOM Grid said.

Using DICOM Grid’s patented Split-Merge technology, ImageCare’s functionality incorporates security and privacy that allows physicians to safely access imaging data over any Internet connection.

The level of security combined with the accessibility and affordability of the cloud-based platform allows physicians, hospitals and patients to ‘bring the archive alive’ by enabling immediate access to all of a patient’s imaging data regardless of where or when studies were generated.

The ImageCare platform exceeds regulatory requirements for offsite archival, disaster recovery, business continuity and PACS (picture archiving and communications system) migration.

ImageCare allows a facility to eliminate their expensive legacy archival systems while providing enhanced imaging data access and broad new functionality.

DICOM Grid CEO Mike Wall said that ImageCare allows authorized physicians to store, search and access medical imaging data that has been uploaded onto the DICOM Grid and collaborate in real time with colleagues anywhere in the world.