Diaxonhit, a French provider of specialty diagnostic solutions, has entered into definitive exclusive license and distribution agreement to market and perform AlloMap Molecular Expression Testing (AlloMap) in Europe.

Diaxonhit, through its wholly owned subsidiary, InGen, will promote AlloMap in Europe.

AlloMap is XDx’s flagship gene-expression profiling based blood test, which is a new method for regular and non-invasive observation of heart transplant recipients for acute cellular rejection, thereby contributing to patient follow-up optimization.

AlloMap offers information about the body’s immune response to a transplanted heart in the form of an objective score.

AlloMap is priced in the range similar to other high-value multivariate molecular diagnostic assays. Nearly 85% of the tests that are performed in the US patients are currently reimbursed by private and public payers.

The AlloMap test will be performed in the Jean Dausset Laboratory, which is a part of the Paris Hospital Group.

Drawn from the European heart transplant recipients, all the blood samples will be shipped to the Jean Dausset Laboratory, the place where the AlloMap test will be performed. The laboratory will offer test results to the treating physician.

The test will be available to the European patients in selected countries in early 2014.