DiaGenic has signed a distribution agreement with Ferrer inCode for the blood-based ADtect test, for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease covering a total of 32 countries.

The agreement gives Ferrer inCode, a biotech subsidiary of Grupo Ferrer Internacional, the right to sell and market ADtect initially in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, followed by Latin America. ADtect uses peripheral blood as the sample material to provide early non-invasive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Morten Sten Johansen, director of International Business at DiaGenic, said: “The agreement is an important add-on to our distribution agreements for Europe. Ferrer is a strong player within the CNS field and has a large sales force in the major markets in Europe and Latin America with competence within both pharma and molecular diagnosis. The agreement represents strong recognition of DiaGenic’s work and creates a solid commercial platform for DiaGenic’s growth.”

Erik Christensen, CEO of DiaGenic, said: “Early detection enables subsequent early initiation of active management strategies, which may preserve the patients’ level of function for longer and increases the chances of delaying the progression of the disease. Current evidence suggests that pharmacological treatments and caregiver interventions can delay entry into nursing homes, thus reducing healthcare costs.

“However, these cost savings are not being realized because many patients with Alzheimer’s disease are either not diagnosed or diagnosed at a late stage of the disease. We envisage ADtect with its rapid and convenient sample collection playing a front line role.”