DFine said that it expects to continue to bring new products to market in 2010 further strengthening its position as the technology provider in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

Steven Smith, an interventional radiologist in Chicago, said: “This modified delivery system allows more accurate minimally invasive delivery of cement, and this means decreased trauma to the patient and potentially a more comfortable procedure.”

Ramsey Abadir, a physician also involved with the limited release of the product, in Middletown, NY, said: “I see great advantages in utilizing the advance access system. The improved sharpness facilitates a highly accurate trajectory through the bone and the longer length improves access to all parts of the vertebral body. It is yet another reason why I choose to routinely perform RF Kyphoplasty.”

Kevin Mosher, chief executive officer of Dfine, said: “This is one of several key line extension products DFine intends to launch this year that will address unmet market segments and complete the RF Kyphoplasty product offering designed to treat vertebral compression fractures. The new access system allows physicians the ability to treat a broader patient group and includes several advancements that aid in the function and placement of the devices.”