Dfine has treated the first US patient using its spinal tumor ablation with radiofrequency (STAR) system.

The STAR system, whic features percutaneous targeted radiofrequency ablation (t-RFA) device, is designed to treat metastatic spinal tumors of vertebral bodies.

The t-RFA device delivers energy directly into a metastatic vertebral body tumor which heats and destroys tumor cells and provides palliative pain relief.

University of Louisville Hospital vascular and interventional radiology director Douglas Coldwell said after the treatment, patient’s mobility improved, and pain was reduced.

"The targeted delivery of RF energy has the potential to provide the fastest relief from painful metastatic spine tumors," Coldwell added.

Dfine chief executive officer Kevin Mosher said the company’s goal is to work with the interventional and oncology professional communities to obtain clinical evidence and continually advance its knowledge in the role of t-RFA with the STAR system in the palliative treatment of patients with painful vertebral body metastasis.