Roche Diabetes Care, a subsidiary of Roche Diagnostics US, and DexCom have entered into a research and development (R&D) agreement to integrate DexCom's Seven Plus Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system with Accu-Chek insulin delivery systems.

The integration will enable the Accu-Chek insulin pump users in the US, to see their blood glucose data and insulin information on their cordless handheld and make therapy adjustments from the palm of their hand while using the pump.

Roche Diabetes Care North America head Marc Gibeley said that the partnership with DexCom would help them to offer people with diabetes a single device to test their blood sugar, administer insulin and monitor short and long-term glycemic trends.

"This integrated solution for people with diabetes will improve their management options and allow us to strengthen our position as a leader in the US market," Gibeley added.

The non-exclusive development agreement is limited to the US market.

Both the companies have also signed an exclusive distribution agreement under which Roche Diabetes Care will sell DexCom’s CGM system to healthcare providers in the US.