Algicell Ag is an antimicrobial silver alginate dressing that delivers 1.4% ionic silver at a slow consistent release rate for broad-spectrum efficacy.

Derma Sciences claimed that Algicell Ag provides advanced bactericidal action with kill rates of approximately 99.99%, while absorbing approximately 16% more exudates than the leading competitive product.

Algicell Ag is designed to keep its form to allow for easy and trauma free removal, while still maintaining a moist wound environment, conducive to wound healing.

The CE marking verifies that Algicell Ag has met all relevant EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements, and can be sold in the 30-nation European Economic Area (EEA).

Edward Quilty, chairman and CEO of Derma Sciences, said: “Now that we have received CE certification, and are opening our new UK office, we intend to take advantage of positive trends in the EU market to aggressively ramp up sales of Algicell Ag.

“We believe our timing is right due to a growing awareness of the exorbitant expense of many silver dressings, especially in the UK, where the amount of National Health Service cash spent on these products has climbed steeply in recent years. In contrast, Derma Sciences, with Algicell Ag, offers a best-in-class product with a distinct cost advantage.”