Derma Sciences, a medical device company focused on advanced wound care, has been awarded Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) code A6266 for its Bioguard Conforming Bandage. The code awarded by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the same as that assigned for other antimicrobial large roll gauze dressings, and allows the Conforming Bandage to be reimbursable by Medicare.

The Conforming Bandage is Derma Sciences’ latest product within the Bioguard range. The first Conforming Bandage with activity against microbes such as MRSA, it gives clinicians a new product for their infection protection programs.

Derma Sciences claimed that Bioguard Conforming Bandages virtually eradicate pathogens within the dressing, helping not only to prevent wound infection, but also helping to reduce cross-contamination issues.

HCPCS codes are used by Medicare and monitored by CMS. They are based on the Current Procedural Technology (CPT) codes developed by the American Medical Association. Wound dressings and other supplies cannot be reimbursed through Medicare without set HCPCS codes.

Additionally, most private health insurance companies follow the lead of Medicare with these types of products. The company estimates that the areas within healthcare that rely on HCPCS codes represent approximately one-half of the total market potential for Bioguard.

Ed Quilty, CEO of Derma Sciences, said: “Securing this code is a significant step that will permit Bioguard Conforming Bandages to become a viable option for healthcare providers who are treating patients with serious wounds.

“With the ability to kill 99.999% of MRSA and other virulent pathogens, we believe that the Conforming Bandage as with our other Bioguard dressings will become an important everyday asset to those looking for more effective and efficient ways to help prevent infections as well as cross-contaminations. Advanced wound care and traditional wound care dressings alike are often held in place by conforming bandages.”