The CADD-Solis infusion system is designed to administer narcotics to post-surgery, trauma, cancer, labor & delivery patients and to promote patient mobility as well as improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall treatment costs and patients’ length-of-stay.

Smiths Medical president Srini Seshadri said the company’s CADD-Solis system brings its expertise in smart infusion technology to the ambulatory setting.

"Our CADD®-Solis system brings our expertise and innovation in smart infusion technology to the ambulatory setting, and we are pleased to see the CADD®-Solis infusion pump chosen for use at the Huntington VAMC," Seshadri added.

The system, backed by CADD-Solis medication safety software for the PC, allows hospitals to input their own standardized pain management protocols for their patients, helping clinicians deliver the correct dosages of medication and promote patient safety.