DENTSPLY GAC announced the worldwide release of VistaDent 3D. It is a diagnosis and planning software package for interpreting 3D DICOM data. VistaDent 3D offers many unique diagnostic features which allow dental professionals to analyze tooth roots, TMJ, mixed dentition, impacted teeth, mandibular nerve, tooth root positions, cortical bone thickness and bone quality, sinus cavity, and more all in 3D. Not only does it provides clinicians with accurate diagnostic tools but also contains a planning environment where its users can virtually plan the placement of Temporary Anchorage Devices, occlusion of dentition, oral and maxillofacial surgeries and simulate soft tissue profiles after treatment.

3D versions of industry standard Cephalometric Analyses such as Steiner, Ricketts, Tweed, Downs, etc. are available in VistaDent3D. Users can create their own customized analyses using lines, points, planes, angles, distances and proportions. VistaDent 3D offers clinicians a precise 3D environment for diagnosis, analysis and planning that leads to a predictable outcome and a renewed sense of confidence, explained Charles Dunham, DENTSPLY GAC’s Software Manager . The real world is 3D and our goal with VistaDent 3D is to give users different ways to interpret 3D data so that they can make the best clinical decisions.