Dental fillings referred to by dentists as ‘amalgam’ or ‘silver’ are actually 50% mercury. A 2006 Zogby poll indicated that 76% of Americans were not aware that silver fillings are half mercury..

Contrary to FDA’s 2009 ruling that exposure from mercury fillings presents no health risks, the latest assessment, by lead author Mark Richardson of SNC-Lavalin, concludes that the mercury vapor continually emitted from the fillings is absorbed and distributed into every tissue and organ in the body including the brain.

The report states that ‘Numerous studies have demonstrated that mercury (Hg) levels in blood are increased in persons, including pregnant women, with amalgam.’

The report concludes that it is essential that precaution be applied in the determination of updated and revised reference exposure levels for the protection of public health.

It is shown that chronic (long-term) exposure to elemental mercury can cause kidney damage, crosses the blood brain barrier and is neurotoxic.

The use of mercury in dentistry has already been banned in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.