Del Medical Systems Group, a group company of Del Global Technologies Corp. has announced the winning of a government tender in Mexico. The Mexican Government plans to install six Apollo Systems for the Mexico City Government Health Services, four Digital Apollo Systems for the ISSSTE (Government Workers Health and Social Institute) and eight Del RAD Systems for the ISEM (Health Services for the State of Mexico).

Local support services are to be provided by DGTC’s in-country dealer Suministro para Uso Médico y Hospitalario (SMH).

The Apollo units were manufactured by Villa Sistemi Medicali in Italy and were shipped to Mexico in December of 2008.

According to Belisario Jasso, general director at SMH’ “Mexico’s government scrutinized Del’s local presence carefully before making the award. As it stands in order to be considered a relevant business partner to the Government here, having a strong local presence is always a mitigating factor.”

Jasso says “the first units will be installed in Mexico in January of 2009”.