Del Global Technologies Corp. (Del Global), a diagnostic imaging company, announced it will be moving the company's headquarters from Franklin Park, Illinois to a modern facility in Roselle, Illinois. The move will be completed in June of 2009. Del's new headquarters, a 22,000 square foot facility in the Turnberry Lakes Technology Park will feature a Digital Showroom that will be used as a walk-through showcase of Del's most advanced digital equipment.

Additionally, it will provide adequate space to accommodate their manufacturing, integration, training, technical support and administrative activities.

According to James A. Risher, chief executive officer for the Del Medical Systems Group, “Del as a company is over eighty years old. While we have a rich history that we are immensely proud of, we continue to innovate and evolve to meet the ever changing demands of our customers and the marketplace. Over the last few years we have strengthened our focus on strategic sales, marketing and support. Our recent recognition by MD Buyline as the # 1 organization is indicative of that success. Our decision to relocate is based, in part, on our need to provide our customers with a modern, updated facility to showcase our new digital platforms, as well as, classrooms and laboratories to train and support our dealers and representatives from around the world on our products and services. The new location is an example of what you would expect to find at any leading-edge technology firm. Our new location simply reinforces our commitment to the principles of innovation that have driven us to succeed, year after year, for the better part of a century.”