Dehaier Medical Systems, a provider in the development, assembly, marketing and sale of medical devices and homecare medical products in China, has acquired an emergency ventilator product line, QS-100A series, from Beijing Qiumanshi Technology.

Dehaier and Beijing Qiumanshi said that the acquisition includes the production technology and complete proprietary intellectual property.

The QS-100A series is a multi-functional emergency, portable synchronised ventilator. It is pneumatic-driven and gas-controlled, requiring no other power supply. According to Beijing Qiumanshi, because of the ventilator’s compact size and low weight, it can be effectively used on the scene in accident cases and during patient transportation.

Ping Chen, CEO of Dehaier, said: “This acquisition complements our ventilator product line. Dehaier already has well-established ventilator products for home use and hospital use. Our latest product now allows us to provide portable ventilator products for use at a medical emergency site as well as during ambulance transport to the hospital.

“This acquisition qualifies Dehaier to participate in the 11th five-year rural cooperative medical service development project for emergency medical products, and expands our company’s respiratory care product range. We are really pleased to add a portable ventilator that can be carried by rescue units for emergency use. We intend to continue to broaden our product lines to better serve our growing customer base.”