Decatur Vein Clinic, a provider of chronic venous insufficiency healthcare services, has installed 11 additional premium ultrasound systems from Zonare Medical Systems, bringing the total number of ultrasound systems to 24 at it sites across Indiana, Michigan and Colorado.

The ultrasound system is a convertible ultrasound platform based on Zone Sonography technology. Clinicians are able to easily convert the system from a full-featured, cart-based system into a premium compact ultrasound system without sacrificing image quality or performance. As a result, demanding clinical studies can be done in a variety of clinical settings with high diagnostic confidence.

The ultrasound platform’s software-based architecture allows its performance to continue to improve as greater processing power becomes available. System software upgrades can be downloaded over the internet.

Mark Miller, vice resident of sales and marketing, said: “Decatur Vein Clinic has been a leader in the delivery of venous disease care across large portions of the US for many years and we are proud to have had a long standing relationship as their provider of premium ultrasound systems. We are pleased that they have once again selected Zonare as their ultrasound partner and we remain dedicated to providing premium performance, full-featured ultrasound systems offering high confidence in clinical diagnoses and greater ease-of-use.”

Claudia Benge, ultrasound director of Decatur Vein Clinic, said: “The system uses the new Zone Sonography technology, which is a major advance in medical ultrasound imaging. We are able to use our new ultrasound systems in two configurations either as a full-featured cart-based system or converted to a small, five-and-a-half pound laptop-sized system, which is extremely helpful.

“The images are so clear and crisp that the examination images appear in high definition like the new flat screened televisions. We are able to see very small blood vessels with great detail and accuracy. This system allows us to formulate an individual clinical treatment plan that will benefit our patients and improve their daily life.”