Debiotech of Switzerland and iSense CGM of the US announced that they have entered into an agreement under which Debiotech has the option to acquire the exclusive rights on the iSense CGM product and technology for use with patch pumps for diabetes therapy.

Financial terms and conditions of the agreement are not disclosed.

The JewelPUMP is today’s most integrated patch pump product, combining the highest insulin delivery accuracy with the largest insulin reservoir (5mL) for both Type 1 and Type 2 patients.

The JewelPUMP is also equipped with an intuitive and highly secured Telemedicine enabled "All-in-One" Remote Control device.

The partnership contemplated through this option is intended to deliver a complete solution to diabetic patients, combining the unique features of Debiotech’s JewelPUMP and "All-in-One" remote control data communication device with the highly accurate, particularly easy to use and comfortable CGM sensor of iSense CGM.

The integrated product platform would be developed by Debiotech and will be commercialized by partners selected by Debiotech.

This platform would also benefit from Debiotech’s collaborations on specific closed-loop algorithms currently developed for use with the JewelPUMP and taking advantage of its extreme delivery accuracy and feed-back control capabilities.

"This option represents an ideal combination of the most accurate solutions available in both worlds of Patch-pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring to prepare for a discreet and cost effective close-loop solution which has always been part of our strategy," says Dr. Frédéric Neftel, President and CEO of Debiotech.