Daylight Solutions, a manufacturer of advanced molecular detection, spectroscopic imaging and high-power illumination solutions, has shipped its 200th commercial laser system for scientific applications at the close of 2010.

Since its inception in 2005 and first deliveries in 2006, Daylight Solutions has set the standard for performance and reliability in ECqcL (External Cavity quantum cascade Laser) technology.

Daylight Solutions CEO and CTO Timothy Day said the sale of the 200th Scientific Laser represents a good milestone for the company, which has not only advanced its systems manufacturing capability, but has also ramped up its high-volume laser module line that feeds into many of their other products.

Daylight Solutions works closely with the suppliers of Quantum Cascade gain media to ensure that the most reliable and highest performance chips on the market are used in its products. The company’s engineering teams are continuously evolving its packaging capability to match the increase in chip quality.