Daxor Corporation has announced the receipt of a signed trial agreement from Tahlequah City Hospital of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Dr. James Madison, TCH’s Director of Nephrology, noted that, “Tahlequah’s patient population is over-represented in the area of kidney disease. With the high incidence of diabetes and hypertension we are using sophisticated techniques to support the needs of our open-heart and nephrology patients. I’ve seen the benefit of treating patients based upon an intravascular blood volume measurement, which is why the inclusion of this service is an important adjunct to our program and demonstrates TCH’s commitment to providing the best of care.” Dr. Joseph Feldschuh, Daxor’s C.E.O. and a practicing cardiologist, stated that, “The use of the BVA-100 by Tahlequah City Hospital is a critical step forward to improving the care of renal dialysis patients, who undergo major changes in blood volume during their course of dialysis. It is expected that utilization of the BVA-100 will enable physicians to provide a more precise dialysis treatment.” Daxor’s Blood Volume Analyzer BVA-100 will be located within TCH’s Nuclear Medicine Department and will be utilized to diagnose a variety of patient blood volume derangements.