DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO) (“Dario” or the “Company”), a leader in the global digital health market, announced the launch of a new smart blood sugar meter for Apple iPhone 15 users to support ongoing engagement with new and existing members.

Dario’s user-centric platform offers people continuous and customized care for their health, disrupting the traditional episodic approach to healthcare. This approach empowers people to holistically adapt their lifestyles for sustainable behavior change, driving exceptional user satisfaction, retention and results and making the right thing to do the easy thing to do.

As recently reported, the new iPhone 15 is built with a USB-C charging port, a key element for real-time data capture in Dario’s smart blood glucose meter. Dario’s new smart blood sugar meter offers iPhone 15 users the same instant connectivity for real-time blood sugar readings as part of their personalized Dario health management experience by giving members a USB-C compatible device.

“Dario is continuously innovating to stay ahead of trends and keep our members connected and on track with their goals. Our new iPhone 15 smart blood sugar meter is just another example of our ability to respond quickly to consumer needs and keep our members engaged over time,” said Rick Anderson, President of Dario.

Source: Company Press Release