Danbury Orthopedic Associates has chosen SRS electronic health record (EHR) for its 20 providers.

Danbury Orthopedic Associates is a multi-specialty orthopedic practice comprised of orthopedic surgeons, a physiatrist, a rheumatologist, physician assistants, and a team of physical and occupational therapists.

Danbury Orthopedic Associates president Michael Brand said the SRS EHR enhances their physicians’ ability to manage clinical information and facilitates communication among their physicians, staff, and patients.

"Along with ePrescribing, the capabilities SRS delivers will increase our productivity and allow us to augment the already high level of patient care and service," Brand said.

SRSsoft CEO Evan Steele said they look forward to work with the physicians and staff of Danbury Orthopedic Associates to help them quickly reap the benefits of the digital world, including ePrescribing, efficient data management, and overall practice improvement.