Cytori Therapeutics has received the Japanese patent covering the preparation of adipose-derived stem and regenerative cell (ADRC) enriched fat grafts using any closed system, such as Cytori's Celution System.

The patent protects the company’s cell-enriched fat grafting applications in Japan including breast reconstruction and other soft tissue defects, urinary incontinence and multiple cosmetic uses.

This is Cytori’s second patent to be issued in Japan, in addition to Patent No. 4653952 covering devices for extracting and concentrating stem and regenerative cells from adipose tissue issued in February 2011.

Cytori’s Japanese patents are a part of Cytori’s global intellectual property portfolio, including 34 issued patents and more than 100 pending applications.

Cytori other products include Our StemSource for cell banking and research applications and Our PureGraft for fat grafting procedures.