Cytocentrics has launched CytoPatch Instrument, a fully automated device for gigaseal patch clamp measurements in the whole cell configuration, for use in academia, research labs, CROs and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the CytoPatch Instrument the patch clamp process takes place inside a three-dimensional quartz glass microchip with integrated microfluidic channels.

The instrument comes with ion channel assays like hERG, NaV1.5, K V1.5 and KV1.3.

The chip technology in combination with a perfusion system is suited for measuring the inhibitory effect of slowly acting compounds (permanent application of 10 minutes possible) or the very fast activating and desensitizing ligand-gated ion channels (compound application time of <10 ms).

Cytocentrics CEO Thomas Knott said it delivers a very high data quality at manual patch clamp level and enhances the productivity through automation and long walk-away times.

Cytocentrics claims one CytoPatch Instrument can perform either as a stand-alone device or as a multiple-unit system in which up to 20 individual instruments can be connected on a network.

The modular built-up minimizes delay times and even makes it possible to run different assays in parallel with different cell types.