Aesthetic treatment developer Cynosure has launched the Elite iQ platform for laser hair removal and skin revitalisation in the US, Europe and Australia.

Equipped with patented Skintel technology, the live melanin reader, Elite iQ platform offers customised laser hair removal treatments for all skin types including the face, back, chest, arms, underarms, bikini area and legs.

It allows for real-time adjustment of treatment settings and overcomes the challenges that practitioners have faced in the past when treating men and women with darker skin types.

Cynosure’s workstation also has a new dashboard design and a built-in treatment guide to assist in determining hair removal test spot settings.

It has a dynamic screen lighting to easily view the active wavelength; high treatment versatility with adjustable pulse width, fluence, and repetition rate; and the ability to save settings for future use.

Cynosure chief executive officer Todd Tillemans said: “The Elite iQ device meets the growing market demand for hair removal and skin revitalisation solutions for men and women across all skin types.

“At Cynosure, we pride ourselves on anticipating the needs of our customers and their patients and this elevates our industry-leading technology with even greater power, efficiency and safety.”

The firm also announced the launch of the PicoSure Pro device, the latest generation of the company’s PicoSure system.

The device claimed to be the first and only FDA-cleared 755nm picosecond laser on the market now has a sleek, modern appearance, easy graphic user interface, and a new 5MM handpiece.

It delivers energy in a trillionth of a second, using pressure rather than heat to give safe and effective treatments for undesired pigmentation and skin rejuvenation for all skin types.

Armed with two lenses, the PicoSure Pro device is now also the first and only picosecond laser for the treatment of pigment in melasma and other hyperpigmentation issues.

The Platinum Focus lens array of the PicoSure Pro gadget helps to promote collagen and elastin, which helps to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and pores.