The C-AD is a highly differentiated wireless cardiac arrhythmia monitor, which, with its patent-secured design, is able to capture continuous, real-time ECG readings over the broadest spectrum of patient activity with minimal noise artifacts.

Curvus CEO Borge Bogaard said due to the rapidly increasing burden of atrial fibrillation worldwide, they believe that expanded monitoring and diagnosis of the cardiac events combined with the release of several new anticoagulant drugs, will make a major contribution to control the disastrous worldwide burden of stroke.

The C-AD is a fully-integrated, wireless cardiac monitoring system and uses patented shielding and antenna technology, the device can reliably transmit data from a single-lead sensor with two electrodes affixed to the patient’s body to a mobile recorder using the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Curvus claims the truly wireless solution facilitates cardiac monitoring of patients during the activities of daily living, because of its inconspicuous nature, the Curvus wireless solution also eliminates the stigma associated with wearing a Holter monitor.

The Curvus software suite enhances and expedites analysis of the ECG data with a data analysis package that incorporates clinically established arrhythmia parameters.