A team led by Dr. Hanna Rapaport, from the Faculty of Biotechnology at BGU, has developed and patented a new protein matrix that can significantly accelerate the process of bone regeneration. Together with curasan, BGU now intends to combine this matrix with an inorganic carrier in order to be able to manufacture a range of bone regeneration materials for orthopaedic and dental treatments.

curasan AG will invest EUR900,000 of the EUR1.48 million of funding in the work being carried out by the Israeli research team. In return, curasan has been granted first rights to exclusive licensing terms for all the products resulting from the cooperation.

“The funding we have received will allow us to create a generation of new products that significantly improve bone regeneration processes while retaining the beneficial qualities of our purely inorganic, resorbable materials”, states Dr. Fabian Peters, Head of Biomaterials Research and Development at curasan.

With regard to the signing of the contract, Dr. Rapaport comments: “Our research cooperation aims to combine the proteins from BGU with the curasan products in order to develop a range of regenerative products that support the body’s natural healing processes and which provide optimal support to bone regeneration.”