curasan has received CE certification and marketing authorisation for Osbone, a synthetic bone replacement material, throughout Europe. The company said that it is suitable for utilisation in general bone surgery, particularly in implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery associated with jawbone atrophy.

The company claims that the product consists of an open-celled, porous and biocompatible hydroxylapatite ceramic. It is extremely well tolerated by tissue, not absorbable, and is firmer than standard bone substance. Its spongy, interconnected cells match the natural bone trabecula structure, thereby allowing integration into the surrounding viable bone.

In contrast to materials with biological origins, Osbone is not associated with any risks relating to potential infections or the development of allergies, said the company.

Hans Dieter Rossler, CEO of curasan AG, said: “Just like the absorbable Cerasorb, which has already been launched, Osbone is 100% synthetic and offers practitioners as well as patients the guarantee that the material itself will not result in any adverse effects.“