CarePICS offers virtual care platform for peripheral artery disease (PAD), critical limb ischemia (CLI) and lower extremity wounds


CSI obtains has option to acquire CarePICS. (Credit: kamleshverm from Pixabay.)

Cardiovascular Systems (CSI) has made a minority investment and reached an acquisition option agreement with North Carolina-based telehealth company CarePICS.

CarePICS offers a virtual care platform aimed at patients suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD), critical limb ischemia (CLI) and lower extremity wounds.

PAD is a progressive disease that can lead to severe pain, immobility, non-healing wounds and amputation, if left untreated and poorly managed.

CarePICS claimed that it is the first technology-enabled care management tool specifically designed for the treatment of patients with PAD.

The platform allows physicians from multiple disciplines to communicate with each other and with patients throughout the duration of care.

CarePICS CEO Paul Schubert said: “CarePICS is the connective tissue between collaborating physicians and their patients.

“Our platform provides effective multidisciplinary case management before and after vascular treatment. It produces a clear wound healing outcomes data set for all physicians involved throughout a patient’s care.”

CarePICS enables healthcare professionals to capture patient information, wound images and measurements, using a secure iOS, Android and Web platform.

The patient information is used to improve access to care by rapidly acquiring input from interventionalists before arterial or venous wounds begin to deteriorate.

Also, the physicians can use the platform after vascular treatment to coordinate, follow and support the wound healing progress.

CSI is a medical device company engaged in developing and marketing advanced solutions for treating vascular and coronary diseases.

CSI chairman, president and CEO Scott Ward said: “As the leader in the treatment and study of patients with PAD and CLI, we are excited to announce our investment in a digital SaaS product and data-driven solution designed to improve patient outcomes.

“We believe that CarePICS will accelerate patient access to the appropriate treatment at the right time, resulting in improved care and reduced amputations.

“Over time, the outcome data being gathered through the CarePICS platform across various providers, patients, treatments and care plans can become an industry-leading source of actionable, clinical insights and further improve patient care.”