Sensifree and CSEM join forces to create a disruptive technology for monitoring blood pressure without using a cuff.

Combining CSEM's expertise in the field of blood pressure monitoring and Sensifree's novel, RF-based approach will pave the way for the production of a new tool for the highly attractive health wearables market.  

Sensifree, the pioneer in low-power, RF-based sensors and the Swiss research and technology organization (RTO) CSEM, announce today a research partnership in which the two companies will further develop Sensifree's unique cuff-free blood pressure sensor technology, which opens up new opportunities for monitoring this important physiological parameter.

With its patent pending RF-based technology, Sensifree is bringing a technology breakthrough to the fast-growing health wearables market, aiming to provide a real alternative to decades-old blood pressure monitoring technologies.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this collaboration," says Eran Agmon, co-founder and CEO of Sensifree.

"We believe that CSEM will be key in our endeavors to develop the 'holy grail' of sensors, a cuff-free blood pressure sensor." Ilan Barak, Sensifree's co-founder and CTO adds, "We have strategically decided to collaborate with CSEM because of its solid and internationally acknowledged background in non-obtrusive blood pressure estimation."

"CSEM is widely known as a precursor in the measurement of vital parameters, especially cuff-less blood pressure," states Dr. Josep Solà, senior expert at the Swiss RTO. 

"We are looking forward to working with Sensifree, which brings a disruptive approach to this field with its novel RF-based sensors. We are excited by the opportunity to further explore this technology with the Sensifree team with the aim of providing a new, reliable, and ultra-low-power solution for the wearables market."