It is the only Lapidus system on the market to offer fusion patients the clinical benefits of the stability of an anatomic plate with the continuous compression of a nitinol clip. The system is delivered to the operating room completely sterile packed with the Company’s proprietary EcoSmart instrumentation.

This unique combination of a titanium plate with a nitinol clip creates an environment that may be more conducive to bone fusion and may allow patients to heal and return to normal activity more quickly.

The DynaFORCE Lapidus System is designed to accommodate Lapidus procedures, a fusion of the first tarsometatarsal (TMT) joint.  With the addition of the Lapidus System, CrossRoads continues to expand the DynaFORCE product line to address a full spectrum of forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot procedures.

One of the designers of the Lapidus system Craig Breslauer said: “The DynaFORCE Lapidus System has become my go-to fixation construct for first TMT arthrodesis.  The unique attributes of this system afford great confidence with the fixation.

“This is the only system that offers Active Stabilization where my patients benefit from the dynamic compression of a clip combined with the stabilization of a locking plate. I now allow my patients to heel touch weight bearing in a CAM boot immediately, with progressive weight bearing as tolerated in the boot once the sutures are removed, typically at twelve days after surgery.

“Furthermore, the compact design of the LZ plate enables me to perform the Lapidus procedure through a single incision approximately three centimeters in length, which saves operating room time and results in a smaller post-surgical scar. This system is a real game changer.”

CrossRoads Active Stabilization technology is complemented by the Company’s groundbreaking EcoSmart instrumentation service.  Instead of typical plastic disposable instruments, the Company provides more sturdy, reusable stainless-steel instrumentation in a sterile procedure pack.

The facility then returns the instrumentation to CrossRoads, where the instruments are cleaned and sterilized for re-use.   The EcoSmart service reduces medical waste and saves the facility additional money by eliminating reprocessing and sterilization time.

CrossRoads president and CEO Vernon Hartdegen said: “Until the launch of our Active Stabilization technology, plating devices available to surgeons for fusions of the foot and ankle had not changed significantly in 20 years.  With the launch of this Lapidus system, we now offer surgeons a full range of procedure-specific options to address fusions in the foot with our Active Stabilization technology.

“Our technology provides continuous compression with stability, eliminating the need for conventional constructs that only provide static fixation.  More important, our products and services address the needs of patients and surgeons by offering the potential for improved clinical outcomes and more efficient procedures.

Source: Company Press Release.