US-based Cretex Companies has purchased Spectralytics, a contract manufacturing provider of laser-based medical services, for an undisclosed sum.

Spectralytics is involved in the production of stents, laser ablation, laser marking, and drilling of close tolerance holes required for catheters and embolic protection devices.

In addition, Spectralytics provides contract manufacturing services to OEMs requiring medical device assembly and packaging, precision machining, metal stamping and fabrication, laser processing, plastic molding, and heavy gauge metal machining and fabrication.

Cretex Companies chief executive officer Lynn Schuler said the company will add Spectralytics’ laser cutting, drilling, and welding to its extensive portfolio of tight tolerance, precision manufacturing.

"We are also pleased that Gary Oberg, the founder of Spectralytics, will continue to lead the company," Schuler added.