Covidien, a provider of respiratory care devices, has launched Puritan Bennett 560 ventilator to offer mobile respiratory support to adult and pediatric patients in Europe.

The Puritan Bennett 560 ventilator is compact and portable, lightweighing (4.5 kg) device, designed for patient comfort, safety and maneuverability.

The ventilator’s lithium-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of power for extended time away from the home, and also contains a real-time battery life indicator and a car adaptor for additional security for patients.

The Puritan Bennett 560 ventilator helps clinician in tracking patient data such as patient compliance, trend data and detailed waveforms and can easily transfer data from the ventilator to a computer using a USB memory device which can be analysed using the Puritan Bennett Respiratory Insight software.

Maria Adelaide Hospital, Italy, Anesthesiology head Cesare Gregoretti said that the Puritan Bennett 560 ventilator offers many patient-focused features, like the 11-hour battery life, as well as features that enable clinicians to regulate care and track patient progress and features like USB functionality allow better monitoring of a patient’s breathing patterns and patient ventilator interaction.

DAR filters with the Puritan Bennett 560 ventilator help block the inhalation of infectious agents and also prevent germs from being exhaled into the environment, lessening the risk to family members and caregivers.