The interim data demonstrate that patients who received Parietex ProGrip self-fixating mesh during inguinal hernia repair experienced less early pain compared to those whose hernias were repaired using the standard Lichtenstein method.

Parietex ProGrip self-fixating mesh has small, absorbable, polylactic acid grips on one side to secure immediate fixation to the abdominal wall, eliminating the need to suture the mesh into place.

The study protocol allowed surgeons to position the Parietex ProGrip self-fixating mesh with one stitch of absorbable suture.

Of the 193 patients who received Parietex ProGrip self-fixating mesh, 69% had it placed without a suture.

When compared to the baseline, the pain was significantly reduced at one and three months for the patients without fixation compared to patients receiving the single stitch.