Under the agreement, Covidien will integrate its Nellcor Respiratory Function portfolio including Nellcor pulse oximetry with OxiMax Technology and the BIS Brain Monitoring system into GE Healthcare’s patient monitors including Carescape Monitor B850 and Carescape Monitor B650.

The integration of the Carescape Monitor B850 provides access to Covidien’s technologies from which bi-directional information flows between the monitor and hospital information systems, such as electronic medical records, and electrocardiogram measurements without requiring a separate monitor.

Covidien respiratory and monitoring solutions president Robert White said company’s parameter portfolio, coupled with GE Healthcare’s patient monitors, supports clinicians in detecting subtle but critical variations in a patient’s status.

"By delivering the full picture of a patient’s physiological status, patient safety and positive outcomes can be advanced," White added.

The Nellcor pulse oximetry solution provides SpO2, pulse rate and respiration rate in a single sensor design.

Nellcor pulse oximetry with OxiMax Technology, a cardiac-based pulse oximetry platform, monitors patients at all acuity levels.