The device, RevVac auto-retractable vacuum safety syringe, uses a patented technology in which a vacuum causes the needle to retract into the barrel of the syringe or device after an injection is administered or blood is drawn.

Pursuant to the terms of the vendor and distribution agreement, the RevVac safety syringe is now available to over 550 McKesson’s sales representatives through their distribution network and order processing system.

Revolutions Medical chief executive officer and chairman Ron Wheet said since the US launch of the RevVac safety syringe in the second quarter 2012, the company has considered several available options to best manage the roll out of its product.

"We are very pleased to have the RevVac safety syringe distributed by McKesson, one of the best names in health care quality in the world," Wheet added.

"We believe this relationship will complement our additional sales efforts with MedPro Associates."