Covidien, a provider of healthcare products in mechanical ventilation and respiratory care devices, has introduced Puritan Bennett 520 ventilator in the European Union.

The Puritan Bennett 520 ventilator is compact, lightweight (4.5 kg) and portable, which provides reliable mobile respiratory support for adult and pediatric patients who require mechanical ventilation for portions of the day or night or need transitional ventilator support.

The Puritan Bennett 520 ventilator is designed to maximize freedom and flexibility for patients and caregivers, with a lithium ion battery that provides up to five hours of power.

Covidien Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions vice president and general manager James Willett said the Puritan Bennett 520 ventilator enables patients to live with greater independence, while providing caregivers with the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and trusted ventilation system.

"In addition, the product offers a wide range of advanced ventilator features, such as guaranteed tidal volume, that help address the changing needs of patients with progressive respiratory disease," Willett said.

The Puritan Bennett 520 ventilator has a number of data management capabilities that enable patient compliance tracking and management of patient records.

The additional features include sensitive and adjustable flow trigger to help minimize patient work of breathing (WOB), automatic valve-detection to reduce the risk of inappropriate setting selection by the clinician, bacterial filters to reduce the risk of environmental contamination, expiratory filtration to help control the spread of viruses and bacteria from patients with infectious diseases.