CorVascular Diagnostics, a Minneapolis-based medical technology company that designs and distributes advanced peripheral vascular diagnostic solutions, announced it has entered into a collaboration and distribution agreement with Vasamed Incorporated, a company dedicated to producing devices, software and services for assessing and managing hemodynamic health.

SensiLase PAD-IQ, developed and produced by Vasamed, provides dependable, reproducible measurement of tissue perfusion of the extremities particularly in patients who have combined peripheral arterial disease and diabetes.

Under the agreement between the companies, CorVascular becomes the exclusive distributor of the PAD-IQ system in the US hospital market and the Vasamed sales force will collaborate with the CorVascular sales force to market CorVascular’s products.

A key component of the arrangement is the joint selling of a unique integrated vascular diagnostics product suite throughout all segments of the US market.

"Our Vascular Lab customers have been asking for an alternative to transcutaneous oximetry [tcp02 / TCOM] for wound prediction and amputation level determination, and the SensiLase PAD-IQ is the perfect solution," said Spencer Lien, CEO of CorVascular.
"We now have the ideal system with the PAD-IQ integrated directly onto our Falcon ProV Series so customers can obtain a faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective equivalent to tcp02."

The financial costs and quality of life of chronic lower extremity wounds are well documented. The SensiLase PAD-IQ system provides a fully automated and quantitative evaluation of microcirculatory perfusion in the skin.

PAD-IQ measures skin perfusion using a laser Doppler sensor and a pressure cuff to evaluate reactive hyperemia. By integrating PAD-IQ with the industry leading Falcon PVD system from Viasonix, CorVascular has created a one-of-a-kind complete solution for assessing macro and microcirculation.

Paulita LaPlante, President and CEO of Vasamed, says, "We are proud to be partnered with CorVascular. Our customers who need a full menu of vascular diagnostics that are configurable to their needs are pleased with the Falcon ProV Series."